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England's Medieval Festival

Trader Website Advertising Information

    The Festival website is a constant source of information for participants and visitors alike throughout the year. Many of our visitors love to know which Traders are attending the Festival before they arrive so they can plan their day and their shopping!

    On application to be a trader at this years Festival you will be included within a list (unless otherwise directed to do so) on the new web page 'Who's at the Festival' (featured within the Visitors section of the website). In addition to this we would like to offer you the opportunity to upgrade this information.

    Set out below are the 3 different website advertising packages that we can offer you at very competitive rates;

    Jester Package - Free

    Name of Business (Applicable when applying to attend the Festival)

    Squires Package - £20.00

    Name of Business, contact telephone number, email address

    Photo or Logo

    Knights Package - £30.00

    Name of Business, contact telephone number, email address, website address

    Photo or Logo

    Information about what you sell (no more than 100 words)

    Adverts will be vaild for one year from date of application (e.g. from 1st April 2010 - 31st March 2011)

Here are some of our domain names which places the Festival in the top five matches for any search on any search engine such as www.google.com using Medieval and Festival or other related words as search words. englandsmedievalfestival.biz englandsmedievalfestival.co.uk englandsmedievalfestival.com englandsmedievalfestival.info englandsmedievalfestival.net englandsmedievalfestival.org englandsoriginalmedievalfestival.co.uk englandsoriginalmedievalfestival.com englandsrenaissancefaire.co.uk englandsrenaissancefaire.com englandsrenaissancefestival.co.uk englandsrenaissancefestival.com englishfestivals.com englishfestivals.info englishmedievalfestival.co.uk englishmedievalfestival.com englishmedievalfestival.info englishrenaissance.co.uk englishrenaissancefaire.co.uk englishrenaissancefaire.com englishrenaissancefestival.co.uk englishrenaissancefestival.com festival.biz herstmonceux.com herstmonceux.info herstmonceux.net herstmonceux.org herstmonceuxcastle.com herstmonceuxcastle.net herstmonceuxcastle.org herstmonceuxcastle.org.uk herstmonceuxcastlemedievalfestival.com joustinguk.com medieval.co.uk medievalfestival.com medievalfestival.us medievalfestivals.com medievalfestivals.us medievalimagebank.com medievalimages.us medievalknights.us medievaluk.com originalmedievalfestival.co.uk originalmedievalfestival.com originalmedievalfestival.info originalmedievalfestival.net originalmedievalfestival.org renaissancefaire.co.uk renaissancefestival.co.uk theenglishmedievalfestival.co.uk theenglishmedievalfestival.com tradefairs.org

If you have any futher questions or would like further information please email: info@mgel.com

Trader Advertising Form

Web Site Advertising Order Form (Traders)

Note: All items with an asterisk * are required.

Please do not complete the form using capital letters

This order is processed on a secure server. We don't automatically debit your credit card when you send this request. Our operators check it for accuracy first. This avoids incorrect orders that require refunds.

* First Name Initial *Title
* Last Name
Job Title
Company Name
* City/Town
* County, State or Prov.
* Postal Code / Zip
Office Phone
* Home Phone
Mobile Phone
Office Fax
* Email Address
Web Site

I would like to apply for the following website advertising package;

Jester Package - Name of Business - FREE

Squires Package - Name, contact telephone number, email address. Photo or Logo - £20.00

(Please email us a photo or logo to info@mgel.com)

Knights Package - Name, contact telephone number, email address, website address. Photo or Logo. Information about the products that you sell (no more than 100 words) - £30.00

(Please email us a photo or logo to info@mgel.com)

For payment please provide either you credit card or debit card details:

Credit Card or Switch Number
Credit Card or Debit Card Type
Card Valid From Date (if paying by Switch)
Card Expires Date (all cards)
Card Issue Number (if paying by Switch)
Issuing Bank (all cards)
Amount I want deducted from my card
Cardholder's Name and Initials as they appear on the card

*CVV2 is a 3-digit value at the end of your account number printed on the back of your credit card.


On American Express cards, CVV2 number consists of 3-4 digits located on the front of the card.

Any comments or requests?